For Software Vendors

Whether a startup or an established enterprise software vendor, you’re probably struggling with strategy right now. Most everyone talks about innovation and design, but few know how to get down to practical work. TreeHive can guide your strategic thinking and practical design for new services, products and markets.

However, let’s be frank: our work is not for everyone. At TreeHive we take innovation seriously. Our clients want to move in radical, transformative directions and need mentoring for executives and teams facing the challenges of bold new work. We’re not here to help you polish the latest version of a well-established offering.

For product managers and marketers we bring global experience to your work. You may need to understand changing user needs in a complex global industry or to map out the ecosystem of partners, influencers and players in new geographies and markets. You may simply need help with too much information and too little understanding of the underlying trends in your own market.

Our technical reputation has been built on data management and analytics, but we apply our methodologies in many sectors. We have advised auto manufacturers, leading banks, retail fashion, government agencies and many other verticals.

If you know you need to be radical, and you are not sure where to look or how to start, talk to us about your innovation and design strategy, or your needs in new markets.