The TreeHive Analytics Gameplan
turns your good intentions into practical impact.

Crafting a Gameplan for your needs is collaborative: at times we’re presenting to you, or researching for you, or creating with you. All through the process we’re listening carefully for your ambitions, values and frustrations. There’s no one-size-fits-all solution and we put a special emphasis on the strategy of “no” – identifying technologies and techniques which may become unnecessary distractions for some scenarios. Sometimes you just need a good report, and we’ll make that clear. Sometimes you can stretch further than you think, and we’ll give you that confidence.

The result is more insightful than a maturity model, and more agile than a strategy map.

What will I walk away with?

First, a holistic baseline understanding of your readiness today. Not just a maturity score for the organization, but tangible knowledge of the range of capabilities, technologies and analytic styles distributed across your diverse projects, people and business units.

A shared definition of the analytics and AI market in the context of your industry and organization. Rather than just rehashing vendors’ marketing segments, we map technologies to your problem space and culture. The aim is to draw out the affinities between your capabilities and available platforms, tools and services, while avoiding over-simplified categories.

We’ll also deliver a practical set of patterns and principles to provide methods for scoping, designing and reframing your analytic work. These models include behavioural frameworks which support your analytic styles, and design pointers that work for your developers and architects. These will first become an essential component in your toolset and evolve into habits which support a culture of excellent analytics.

Most importantly, we’ll prepare your TreeHive Analytics Gameplan: a pragmatic, prioritized plan for innovation and development. Our approach is unique in that we take careful account of the very different needs, depth of knowledge and constraints of distinct teams within your business. We balance your appetite for risk and innovation with the depth of support and confidence you need in your investments.

The Gameplan de-tangles your strategy into a discrete series of steps, each laying out a tightly-scoped, achievable, project which incrementally builds your analytic culture.

These four deliverables challenge easy assumptions and support your analytics strategy
with solid understanding of your ambitions and constraints.

How does TreeHive work with us to develop the Gameplan?

TreeHive works globally, with wide experience in North America, Europe, the Middle East and Asia-Pacific. We can work with your preferred consulting partners, or with vendors if you need a Gameplan geared to a specific strategic platform. Or we can simply work independently. Here is the process we follow …TreeHive Gameplan.001

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