For Investors

As you would expect from experienced strategists, at TreeHive we can help investors with detailed assessments of markets, strategies, technologies and teams.

However, we are uniquely placed to do more. We have worked in development and funding at every stage from seed rounds to public companies and M&A. We have variously succeeded and screwed up enough to navigate both pitfalls and prizes effectively.

We don’t just know Silicon Valley. We’re networked and active in some of the most fascinating markets in the world: the Nordics, South-East Asia, the Middle East. We have connected partners and investors from Stockholm to Shanghai and from Kathmandu to California.

We have helped venture and seed investors find teams and technologies across the globe. They often ask us to advise startups at the very earliest stages of defining products and services. We have been regularly sought out by public equity investors for guidance on market dynamics and industry trends. Private equity investors find our detailed technology reviews invaluable.

Talk to us about your interests in technology investment. You’ll be surprised at our range of experience and our ability to cut through the noise and nonsense of the technology markets.