For Enterprises

Information architecture intimidates too many companies. Self-service and bring-your-own promise productivity and engagement, but some fear at the expense of governance and accountability. Big Data, Data Science, the Cloud, the Internet of Things offer greater insight than ever before, while IT departments struggle to handle the pace of change.

We don’t offer easy answers. We would not trust any consultant or technology vendor who offers you one. In fact, working with TreeHive Strategy, you are likely to uncover strategic questions you have not faced up to yet. However, we can help.

Specifically, when you struggle to balance governance and agility, we can advise on the technologies, organizational structures and information architecture that work for you. We can help to spark innovation in your enterprise, putting in place the right framework for a sustainable, productive, strategy.

We specialize in data analytics and have great experience guiding some of the world’s leading enterprises towards more informed decision making.

At TreeHive we don’t do easy projects. We can point you to good consultants for that, if you must. But talk to us about daunting challenges that demand technical knowledge, strategic insight and – that rarest of enterprise attributes – simple human empathy. The result will be transformative innovation strategies and information architectures, with the right tech, the right structures and great analytic insight at their heart.