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At TreeHive, we advise software vendors, investors and enterprise customers with unique strategic guidance. We have practiced our craft through many creative years in the software business, working at all stages from startups to world-leading, complex projects. We specialize in analytics and data technologies but our experience in designing and creating software products and services is wide-ranging and distinct.

Clients value our perceptive and innovative thinking.  We value their trust and openness to radical ideas. Our relationships are founded on insight and empathy as much as on technical excellence and know-how.

The TreeHive in the picture is our beautiful visionary space, high on a hillside near Seattle, where many of our best ideas emerge. But our feet are on the ground whether in Scandinavia, Silicon Valley or South-East Asia.

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Donald Farmer is the Principal of TreeHive Strategy. With over 30 years of global experience in data management, analytics and software product design, he brings knowledge, experience and connections. From time to time, TreeHive works with other experts to bring you even greater breadth and depth.

Donald Farmer
Donald Farmer